YS Viveka Case: Another twist in YS Viveka’s murder mystery.. CBI said who tampered with the evidence | CBI arrests Gajjala Uday Kumar Reddy in YS Viveka murder case Key Details in remand Report Telugu News

The investigation of Viveka’s murder case has accelerated. Udaykumar Reddy, the main follower of MP Avinash Reddy, has recently been detained by the investigating agency. His remand report contains key points. Let’s know the details.

The judge remanded Udaykumar Reddy for 14 days in the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case. He was shifted to Chanchalguda Jail. MP Avinash Reddy’s chief follower Uday Kumar Reddy was detained by CBI officials and produced before the judge. After the trial, the judge remanded him till 26th of this month.

CBI mentioned key points in Uday Kumar Reddy’s remand report. Once again it is mentioned about the role of MP Avinash Reddy. The CBI alleged that Uday Kumar Reddy, Avinash Reddy, Bhaskar Reddy and Shiva Shankar Reddy had tampered with the evidence. Moreover, the CBI said in the remand report that Uday Kumar Reddy already knew about Viveka’s murder. It is stated that Uday Kumar Reddy went to Avinash Reddy’s house in the early morning of the day of Viveka’s murder. The CBI explained that Google showed Uday at Avinash’s house at the take-out location as well. The CBI says that he was at Avinash Reddy’s house until he got the information that Viveka was dead. The CBI said that Avinash Reddy, Uday Kumar Reddy and Shiva Shankar Reddy reached Viveka’s house within 2 minutes after the news of Viveka’s death came out. The investigating agency says that despite asking Uday Kumar Reddy several times, he did not cooperate in this whole matter. The CBI also has a doubt that Uday Kumar Reddy will run away. That is why the report said that he was arrested.

YS. The CBI has filed a custody petition for investigating Uday Kumar in the Vivekananda Reddy murder case. On the other hand, after taking notices on behalf of Uday Kumar, his lawyers requested the magistrate to grant bail. However, the court said that the custody and bail petitions will be heard on Monday.

The CBI has taken Uday Kumar into custody as there are details of Uday Kumar in the Google take-out collected by the CBI about who was present in the case of the murder of YS Viveka. It seems that a team of 15 members of the CBI has settled in Kadapa and detained Uyad Kumar for the last three days. Jayaprakash Reddy, who works at Gangireddy Hospital, and his son Gajjala Uday Kumar Reddy, a UCL employee, were issued notices by the CBI and recorded their statements. Earlier, Uday Kumar complained to the District SP that the CBI was harassing him in the name of investigation. A private case was also filed against Espiramsingh in Kadapa court.

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