Ye Hai Mohabatein actor Ruhaanika Dhawan on buying her own house at 15: Kids should not take any pressure

with her own house in Mumbai, a major life goal appears to have been ticked off the list for actor Ruhaanika Dhawan, and at the age of 15, no lest.

“People say I am very different from the generation. It is a nice compliment and I love seeing my parents proud,” gushes the Ye Hai Mohabatein actor.

However, aware of the negative stream of competitive behaviour and toxic standards it might give rise to, Dhawan asserts, “I don’t think children should take any pressure at all. It’s okay.It did not happen overnight for me either. It took a long course of time to save all that money and make the purchase.”

Saving up for the much-talk-about purchase took the actor eight years, with her mother Dolly Dhawan mappibng out a financial plan for her. “No kid should feel pressurised. Being the older and wiser one, I invested (the money) systematically and it wasn’t that Ruhanika just did a TV show and she minted big money. God willingly, things happened and it all worked out,” Dolly informs us.

Dhawan also addresses the ongoing criticism of her parents and allegations of child labour levelled at them. “I don’t really read comments because I know that if I do, I might get little upset. I won’t say child labour as I haven’t taken any project for the last 4 to 5 years. And, if you check my Instagram or YouTube, recording videos is my hobby,” she says.

That being said, Dhawan says she really misses being on screen but she enjoys other activities. “I am doing it willingly and not being forced into anything,” she adds.

One wonder if she has plans for another big purchase in 2023. “I am being brutally honest, my money is over,” Dhawan quips before adding, “The last year, my mother and I were looking for a house. We narrowed it down to two, but we could not find a house better than this. It feels amazing, especially in such a city where even the smallest 1BHKs is so expensive.”

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