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Airfare prices have skyrocketed. Domestic air fares are skyrocketing. Due to this, people’s tours have changed their route. Apart from domestic tours, people prefer foreign tours.

People are struggling with air fares. Air travel has become very useful in a short period of time. As a result, the middle class has been leaning towards air travel in recent times. The celebration did not last long. Now the flight prices are dropping. The situation of not having to lift a finger to fly in the sky is disturbing the passengers. The air fares that seemed okay at the beginning… are dropping as you watch. After covid, there is nothing to say. Domestic airlines have increased the flight prices. Apart from advance booking, if you book a ticket for one day or two days, it is sure to increase three times. After dynamic pricing, airlines are increasing route prices based on artificial intelligence. Traders are panicking as rates are increasing at the last minute.

  • Hyderabad to Delhi fare is above 10,000
  • 6 to 7 thousand for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

People have changed their route as foreign air fares are cheaper than domestic air ticket prices. Passengers are expressing concern that ticket prices are increasing due to lack of any control from the government.

  • Increased demand for vacations post-Covid
  • Foreign trips increased by 40 percent over last year
  • Most of the Indians who went to Singapore this summer
  • Singapore followed by San Francisco and Melbourne
  • Flight bookings are huge for Toronto…Bali too

Airline companies like Jet Airways Go First are shutting down… As some of Spice Jet flights are grounded, the rest of the airlines are increasing the rates tremendously. On the other hand, the fact that the crude prices are decreasing but the fares are not decreasing is causing concern among the domestic passengers. Travel agency managers say that the government should establish a tariff called a fixed price per hour, through which the airlines can be saved and the passengers can benefit.

According to a report, the majority of people traveling from India to the US, Singapore, UAE, Canada and Thailand are also family travelers. Most of those who went single went to US, Canada and UK.

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