While Making Soup, Boiling In Water Destroys The Nutrients Of Vegetables, So Nutritionist Namami Agarwal Told How To Make Soup Healthy Ndtv Hindi Ndtv India

Does boiling vegetables for soup destroy their nutrients?  Learn the right way from a nutritionist

Soup is usually consumed in the winter season.

How to make Healthy Soup: To avoid seasonal diseases and cold winds in the winter months, our body needs warm and good food. While woolen clothes help in retaining our body heat, certain foods and spices help in keeping our body warm from inside. Soup is one of those foods which is very much liked in winter. It can be prepared by boiling it with some herbs, spices, vegetables or meat. The vegetables used to make soup make it more healthy and tasty. However, have you ever thought that boiling the soup for a long time can have any effect on the nutritional value of the vegetables? If you are thinking of making some soup but are afraid of losing the nutrients of the vegetables, then now you are tension free. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has cleared the confusion on this matter. In her Instagram reel, she is sharing a method that can help retain the nutrients of the soup.

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According to Nmami Agarwal, soup is a complete meal in itself as it can fill the stomach. But one thing you should know is that the nutritious elements of the vegetables should not be completely destroyed while making the soup. He suggested that you use the same water in which you boiled the vegetables to make the soup.

She further says, by doing this, one thing will be certain that while making the soup, you have not wasted any kind of nutritious elements, especially the nutrients and minerals found in it. When you keep these things in mind while making soup, then your soup will also become healthy and its nutritional value will also increase.

Nutritionists say that when we boil vegetables for soup, the nutrients in the water get lost. But when we make soup using the same water, there is no loss of nutrients by doing so because the nutrients that were released when boiled in water are added back to the soup.

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