What Is This Bird Called? On Asking The Question Of IAS, People Are Answering – I Will Say No NDTV India – What is this bird called? People are giving answers on asking questions of IAS

What is this bird called?  On asking the question of IAS, people are answering – I will say no!

Government officials are also active on social media. Interacts with the public from time to time. It is often seen that they ask some strange questions to the users. People also answer very happily. Recently, while sharing a picture of a bird on social media, an IAS officer asked people to tell about this bird. Many people are answering in a funny way. Well what do you think? Will you be able to answer this question?

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IAS officer sharing this picture GP Upadhyaya Has asked people what is the name of this bird? People are answering in their own special style. One user has written – I will speak

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Well what do you think? What is the name of this bird. If you know the answer then do give it. By the way, do read this funny comment.

After knowing this tweet which is going viral, people are commenting in a funny way. One user angrily said – Sir, who does not know this. This is Maina.

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