Watch Video: ‘If it wasn’t for Anna, I would have committed suicide’.. BRS MP Bandla Ganesh planted his legs.. | Tollywood Movie Producer Bandla Ganesh Praises BRS MP Ranjith Reddy

Bandla Ganesh: Bandla Ganesh, who made his entry as a character artist in Telugu films, became a big producer in no time. He is acting as a producer for big star hero films.

Bandla Ganesh, who entered Telugu movies as a character artist, became a big producer in no time. He is acting as a producer for big star hero films. However, whether this film career or political career is sensational. Whatever he does will be sensational. Producer Bandla Ganesh has become a hot topic once again. BRS Party MP Ranjith Reddy’s legs are mokkaru Ganesh. He declared that he was behind Ranjith Reddy while saying that he was not in any party. Moreover.. Bandla Ganesh made shocking comments that if it was not for Ranjith Reddy, he would have committed suicide.

Today, Bandla Ganesh participated in a program under the leadership of MP Ranjith Reddy. On this occasion Bandla Ganesh bowed at the feet of MP Ranjith Reddy. MP Ranjith Reddy immediately raised it. Ganesh patted his shoulders. Ganesh spoke afterwards.. “If it was not for Ranjith Reddy I would have committed suicide. Equal to the god Ranjit. I am not in any party.. but I am behind Ranjith.” He said while praising Ranjit on the one hand, he gave full clarity on politics on the other hand.

It is known that Bandla Ganesh, who is well known as a film producer, joined the Congress party during the last election and entered politics. However, in the wake of the developments that followed, Bandla announced that he had quit politics. He announced that he will not join any party. However, despite not being in the parties, Ganesh has been praising and commenting on political leaders from time to time.

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