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Coconut Tea made in coconut bowl, people going crazy on internet, 47.2M views Video

Coconut Shell Tea: Some prefer the tea sweet and milky, while others prefer a stronger brew.

special things

  • Tea made in a coconut bowl.
  • The viral video has been viewed over 47.2 million times.
  • It got 873 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

Coconut Shell Tea: Indians and their love for tea needs no introduction. Be it early morning, afternoon or evening, there is no better time to enjoy a cup of hot strong tea. And everyone has their own favorite taste when it comes to preparing this drink. While some prefer it sweet and milky, others prefer a stronger brew. But have you ever tried such tea which is made in coconut shell? Recently a video has gone viral on the internet in which tea is shown being made in a hollow bowl of coconut. Internet users were quite impressed with this unique way of making tea.

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The viral video was shared by an Instagram page named ‘easycookingwithkavita’. In the clip, we can see a woman making tea inside a coconut bowl. First, she cracks open a hollow coconut over a gas stove. Then she adds water, ginger, milk, tea leaves, cardamom powder and sugar to prepare the drink. The video ends with a text overlay that reads, “coconut tea.” Watch the viral video here:

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Since being uploaded, the video has garnered over 47.2 million views, 873k likes and thousands of comments. While some people were impressed by this unique way of preparing tea, others argued that it is risky to make tea this way. Check out some of the reactions below:

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“You take a bowl of tea from us”

“Good. But there should be a disclaimer that making tea this way can be a fire hazard.”

“Looks amazing! Might want to save this for the next time I step into the kitchen.”

Unique concept of making tea

“What if the coconut catches fire?”

“If the kitchen gets dirty even by mistake, then mom will hit you hard”

What do you think about this video? Would you try this tea? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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