Vizag Steel Plant: Even if the privatization is stopped.. the words will not stop.. between the leaders of the two Telugu states.. Modi govt puts Vizag steel Plant Privatization on hold, War of words between ministers of Telugu states

There is a fire between AP and Telangana. The Telangana government’s preparation for the steel plant bid…unexpectedly the Center’s backtracking on the privatization of the plant…has once again heated up the political atmosphere between the two states. The ruling party of AP says that they are the ones who made the center go back. This caused a ruckus between the two parties… It has once again turned into a panchayat between two states.

Visakha Steel PlantThis announcement by the Union Minister that the privatization is not being done at present. Visakha spoke strongly on steel.. Chief Minister KCR was the only one who was slandered.. Minister KTR and Harish Rao’s comments that the center came down because of their hard fighting directly touched the leaders of AP government. The elders of AP gave strong counters to the statement made by the Telangana ministers. If it is true that the Center has come down on Telangana, then why did it not come down on Singareni, asked former AP minister Perni Nani. He questioned whether the Center has seen them down in the case of Visakha Steel Plant.

He said it would be as if a mother who could not fly after listening to KTR’s words flew to the sky. He asked why it is not decreasing in Telangana. He commented that Harish Rao is a very intelligent man in politics. YCP opposed this and said Minister Botsa Harish Rao should speak responsibly. He said that YS Jagan will become the Chief Minister again whenever elections are held. We have opposed the privatization of steel plant from the beginning. CM Jagan has written a letter to the center to stop the privatization of steel plant. CM Jagan appealed to PM Modi to stop privatization. Botsa asked what is the relationship between steel plant and BRS.

BJP’s ally, Jana Sena, which entered the Senate, tried to show its glory. Earlier, when I met Amit Shah, he said that Visakhapatnam steel is tied to emotions and does not want privatisation. Pawan Kalyan expressed the opinion that there was a positive announcement as a result. GVL said that KCR, who betrayed AP, has opened a new steel plant drama.

The politics of the Telugu states has become interesting amid the fire of words on the development… and the political feats on the steel plant.

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