Vizag Steel Plant: BRS Focus on Visakha Steel Plant.. BRS Throws at Centre.. Targets AP Sarkar too.. | CM KCR’s decision comments on Vizag steel plant meaningless, says Andhra Pradesh Govt

Steel waves cast in Visakhapatnam are shaking politics in Telugu states. On the one hand, if the Center is trying to withdraw investments… we will stop it if possible… or else we will bid for it, the ruling party of Telangana says. This unexpected decision taken by the Telangana government has now become a hot topic. With the entry of BRS into the ongoing movement against the privatization of steel plants, the political heat has flared up in AP. Throws at the Centre.. heated words between the governments.. has taken a complete political turn with opposition counters.

With the entry of BRS into the ongoing movement against the privatization of Visakhapatnam steel plant, the political heat has suddenly flared up in AP. Throws at the Center..Heated words between the governments..The problem with opposition counters is getting political color. The BRS strategy behind taking up this topic is being debated. Visakha Ukku… is giving a kick to political parties..? Has the problem taken a political turn with the intervention of the ruling BRS in Telangana? AP politics is currently heating up around these questions. AP BRS leaders came to Visakha and supported the movement of steel plant workers for two years. At a time when the Telangana government has decided to participate in the bidding for privatization, the arrival of the Rose Party leaders is stirring. Alleging that there is a big conspiracy behind the Centre’s actions, AP BRS president Thota Chandrasekhar concluded that the steel plant lands were to be looted by Adani.

AP BJP has blamed BRS’s behavior in the case of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. While mentioning the actions of the Telangana government, AP CPI questioned what the YCP government is doing. AP Minister Gudivada Amarnath questioned the attitude of BRS regarding steel plant.

BRS’s political move to gain foothold in AP..? Why did BRS enter the Vizag Steel Plant movement? Is there an idea to prevent Visakha steel from being privatized.. or is there a political move by BRS in AP based on this issue..? The parties in AP suspect that the BRS is moving fast as the steel plant is a matter related to around 30 thousand workers.

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