Vivek Agnihotri on Air India flyer who urinated on woman: ‘If it was a Khan…’ | Bollywood

The Air India flyer, who had allegedly urinated on a co-passenger, while being drunk on a flight from New York to Delhi, has been reportedly arrested in Bengaluru. Hours before the arrest, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had tweeted about the incident on Friday. He reacted to a tweet by a journalist, who wondered what the media’s reaction would have been had the aforementioned Air India passenger been Muslim, and ‘his name was a Khan’, instead of ‘a Mishra’. Also read: Vivek Agnihotri takes a dig at Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan song Besharam Rang

Reacting to the remark, Vivek, who directed one of the highest-grossing films of last year, The Kashmir Files, tweeted, “The law is same for everyone. Be it Arfa or Rajdeep. It’s the media (vulture media, according to you) which discriminates. I am sure if it was a Khan, you would have called him a victim by now. Please think and reflect.” The original tweet read, “So drunk businessman found urinating on co-passenger in flight is one Shekhar Mishra: what if his name was a Khan? Guess who would be doing cartwheels of outrage on prime time and social media? A Mishra or a Khan, law must be same for all as should response. Agree?”

Vivek Agnihotri has tweeted about the Air India urination incident.
Vivek Agnihotri has tweeted about the Air India urination incident.

Mumbai-based Sanjay Mishra has been accused of urinating on an elderly passenger in the November 26 New York-Delhi flight. Apart from expressing anger against the man, the elderly woman had reportedly also accused the Air India staff of being ‘deeply unprofessional’ in her complaint. In the latest in the case, as per new agency PTI, Bengaluru police assisted Delhi police in arresting the accused, Shankar Mishra, from Sanjay Nagar area in city, where he was staying at his sister’s place. The arrest comes a day after he was sacked by his California-headquartered employer Wells Fargo.

The Air India case has triggered outrage on social media. A similar incident was reported on another recent flight of Air India. On Friday, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) had issued a notice to the Delhi Police over alleged harassment and misconduct by passengers. As per reports, the panel has also sought a report on the action taken against the airline for negligence in the matter by January 10.

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