Viral Video: When it was snowing.. his heart was broken.. he wanted to enjoy eating noodles outside.. what happened next

Viral Video

Whether it’s raining outside… or cold winds are blowing… everyone feels that it is better to eat something hot when the weather is cold. That’s why they are drinking hot tea.. eating mirchi bajji or pakodi.. enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Aha.. exactly.. the person who thought like this. But he wanted to enjoy it a little differently. He wanted to sit outside and eat hot noodles while the snow was falling like a light shower. Immediately he made hot noodles and went out of his house with the smoldering material. That’s it.. see what happened after that.

A man named Jake Fisher is sitting outside in the snow wearing a sweater and ready to eat hot noodles. He took the noodles with a spoon and put them in his mouth. And so they turned into snow in the wind. Within seconds, they remained in the air along with the spoon. Not only that… his long beard and hair were frozen like noodles. Jake captured the entire scene on his camera and shared it on his Instagram.



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Currently this video is going viral. Thousands of netizens who saw the video burst out with funny comments. A user commented that he saw more frozen hair than the noodles he was eating. Another user commented, ‘It’s like Canada’.

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