Viral Video: ‘What.. they have really lost their taste! Men are wearing skirts..’ Netizens are on fire

Viral Video: 'What.. they have really lost their taste!  Men are wearing skirts..' Netizens are on fire
Men Wear Skirts

Jananas are falling with the burning sun. Passengers who cannot travel in overcrowded buses are resorting to metro trains. Some others add creativity to the reel making and get angry with everyone. Meanwhile, netizens were enraged when a video of a young woman dancing in the Delhi Metro went viral. Recently, two guys boarded the metro wearing denim skirts. That’s it.. all eyes are on them. They are cursing saying that their beets are cut. A video related to this is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Generally, in the summer they wear some loose fitting clothes to get relief from heatstroke. While women like to wear loose pajama and cotton clothes, men feel comfortable wearing khadar shirt lungi or panche. But recently, two guys wearing long denim skirts boarded the metro at the Delhi metro station. There they are spinning around and doing reels. Passengers started looking at them strangely. Both of them made a fuss while watching the videos as if they were not interested. The video related to this was posted on Instagram by users named Bhavyakumar and Sameer Khan. Within hours, the video went viral with millions of views and likes. Netizens who have seen this video are reacting differently.


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This is ‘Metro.. not your home. Stop making such crazy statements. Wear skirts like this and go to your parents and villages. Netizens are angry in the comment section saying, ‘You will definitely be chased by mad dogs’ and ‘It will still be comfortable if you wear a bikini.’ Others responded with a smiling emoji. We think that.. He did not just say that someone’s madness is happiness. The craze of going viral is shocking for the youth.

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