Viral Video: Two eyes are not enough to see the army of monkeys who ate together.

Vanar Sena Had Lunch Sitting In A Row Video Goes Viral

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, a wonderful scene unfolded. In a region of Maharashtra, the hillbillies have very intelligently co-evolved with each other. This scene impressed everyone. Hanuman Jayanti celebrations were held at Mungasaji Maharaj Ashram in Bashitekadi Taluda Kothadi village of Akola District, Maharashtra. Ashram administrators organized a large-scale food donation program for the devotees. Crowds flocked to the event. The ashram administrators served food to the mutes without scattering them. On the occasion of their leader’s birthday, they also sat down with great devotion and ate together with the humans. The scene was like ‘no one above us in discipline’. The video related to this went viral. The netizens who saw the video are saying, “Aura.. What devotion.. Are these hilltops?”

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