Viral Video: This is Magic Sammy.. Eye catching run out with Cheetah speed.. Forget Dhoni.. | Biratnagar super kings wicketkeeper arjun saud super run out likems dhoni in nepal t20 league see video goes viral

Trending Video: In the match between Biratnagar Super Kings and Janakpur Royals in the Nepal T20 League, Biratnagar Super Kings wicket keeper reminded Mahendra Singh Dhoni with an amazing stumping.

When it comes to wicket keeping in world cricket, former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) definitely comes up. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s style behind the wickets is different. He used to stump at lightning speed and give huge shocks to the batters. Many still try to be like Dhoni. Recently, an amazing stumping video from Nepal T20 League has come to the screen. In the ongoing match between Biratnagar Super Kings and Janakpur Royals in this league, Biratnagar Super Kings wicket keeper Arjun Saud reminded Mahendra Singh Dhoni of stumping with lightning speed. This video is going viral on social media.

Two batsmen who turned back as run out..

In the viral video, first Janakpur Royals batsman Walton defends the ball and tries to run after seeing the ball go away. But, the fielding Sikandar Raza gave the ball to the wicket keeper Arjun Saud. The ball goes a little way from Arjun Saud. He catches it flying in the air and runs out the batsman. Narrator Arjun liked this style very much. Reacting to his stumping, the commentator showered him with praise, saying, ‘Young man, you have made Mahendra Singh Dhoni proud.’ The incident took place on the third ball of the 9th over of the innings.

Viral video..

On the next ball i.e. the fifth ball of the over, Arjun once again showed his excellent wicket keeping. This time the batsman played a sweep shot. After completing the first run he attempts the second run. Meanwhile, the fielder misses the field. He then bowled the ball towards wicket keeper Arjun Saud. This time in Mahendra Singh Dhoni style, he took the ball between his legs and stumped to run out the batsman. With this, netizens are also making comments comparing him with Dhoni.

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