Viral: The boyfriend who left her in his sleep.


Usually small children are sidestepped. This condition occurs because children do not have the ability to control the toilet. And what happens if adults do that? Yes, he is a teenager. He also has a girlfriend. But, there is still a habit of sidestepping. That is what cost him his life. Yes, the sidetracking habit cost him his life. The shocking details are as follows.

A young man from Louisiana in America fell in love with a girl named Briana Lactos. He is living with her. Their relationship has been going on happily for almost a year and a half. But, only one incident took the life of the young man. The same as tossing and turning in sleep. Yes, that young man peed the bed in his sleep. The young lady noticed that and shook with anger. With unbridled anger.. he was beaten to pieces. Distraught by this unexpected development, the young man tried to escape from her. However, the young woman who did not give up.. took a knife in the kitchen and found him and stabbed him badly. The young man who was injured in the knife attack was admitted to the hospital by his mother. He is currently undergoing treatment. Doctors say that his health condition is stable now.

The police detained the young woman in this incident and interrogated her. It is said that on the night of the incident, both of them consumed madhyam and the young man passed urine in his sleep. When there was a fight between the two, the young man beat his girlfriend. The girl got angry and attacked him with a knife. Later she was taken to the hospital and treated. The police are investigating the incident.

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