Viral: A young woman who turned to a magician for her ex-lover.

Love Failure

In today’s times it is very difficult to decide what is real love and what is fake. But those who find true love are happy for life. They enjoy life happily together with each other. If this is the case.. Nowadays it doesn’t even take a moment for girls and boys to become friends. Breakup will also happen soon. They are unable to stay together even for a few months. The faster you connect, the faster you disconnect. In some cases boyfriend says break up.. in other cases girlfriend says break up. At the same time, some lovers cannot forget their loved ones so easily. In this order, they make various efforts to get their boyfriend and girlfriend back. Recently, even a girl could not forget her ex-boyfriend.. and made a strange attempt to get him back. But, the effort was hard and her mind went blank. Even if you know what that broken lover did to get her boyfriend, you will be speechless.

If we go into the details.. A girl from China was told by her boyfriend to break up. So she made various efforts to get him back. However, as all those efforts failed, she resorted to a sorcerer, thinking that there was no more profit. She told him her pain. She begged to unite her and her boyfriend somehow. However, realizing the girl’s innocence, that trickster tried to rob Andinakadi. He blew the girl off as if he would marry her boyfriend. believed However, he said that some work will be done and some money will be spent. That girl who thought she had nothing more than her boyfriend.. said OK to everything Mayalodu said.

He gave an unexpected shock..

The sorcerer suggested the girl to come to a place secretly. He also wrote a list to bring candles and other things needed to perform mantras. He also suggested to bring some money. That Eddy’s lover.. As he said, she brought all the things and handed them over to Mayalodi. Rs. 1.5 lakhs was also handed over. What’s more… he got the money he wanted. He made the girl believe by doing mantras as if he had to do something to make her believe. After doing this for a few days.. taking money.. one day he disappeared. No matter how hard the girl tried to find him, she could not be found. The girl realized that she had been cheated and informed her friends about it. They consoled her with nothing to do.

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