Video: Lighter quickly pampandroi.. Star player who signaled in live match.. Finally what happened.. | Aus vs sa australia player marnus labuschagne asked cigarette lighter and repairs his helmet in live match

Marnus Labuschagne: Marnus Labuschagne started laughing at signals like this. As soon as the lighter was brought from the dressing room, Marnus Labuschenne opened his..

Video: Lighter quickly pampandroi.. The star player who signaled in the live match.. Finally what happened..

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Watch Video: The third Test match between Australia and South Africa is going on in Sydney. Australian cricket team is playing its first innings. But an incident took place in the match that surprised everyone. Veteran batsman Marnus Labuschagne, who was batting at the crease, gave a shocking signal and everyone was shocked. At first no one understood what. But, seeing the scene that happened after that, everyone was shocked. Showing his hands that this Australian batter was smoking, he asked for a lighter from the dressing room.

Marnus Labuchen had a problem with his helmet while batting. He suggested to bring a lighter from the dressing room to fix it. Marnus Labuschagne gestured as he smoked a cigarette. He gestured for a lighter as if smoking a cigarette. The players who were in the dressing room for a long time did not understand what Marnus Labuschen wanted to say.

Signals for lighter..

Commentators started to laugh at Marnus Labuschen’s signals like this. Fetching a lighter from the dressing room, Marnus Labuschagne began adjusting his helmet. He lit the lighter and repaired the inside of the helmet. Marnus Labuschen resumed batting after fixing his helmet. Cricket Australia shared this full video on its Twitter page.

The Australian team won both the first Test matches against South Africa. They are hoping to win the third and final Test match and clinch the series 3-0. The team’s performance so far has been excellent.

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