Veteran Leaders Of The Country Including PM Modi And HM Amit Shah Congratulated The Countrymen On The 74th Republic Day

Amit Shah tweeted and wrote, “Heartiest greetings to all the countrymen on the 74th Republic Day. Today I salute all those freedom fighters, constitution makers and brave soldiers, who dedicated their lives to liberate, strengthen and protect the country.” Have done.”

Yogi Adityanath wrote, “Hearty congratulations and best wishes to all the people of the state on the 74th Republic Day! Our republic is the nurturer of the best democratic values ​​and ideals. Come, on today’s great occasion, let us express our gratitude to our immortal freedom fighters and fulfill their dreams.” Let’s be determined to make an India of. Jai Hind!”

With this, Yogi Adityanath while congratulating Basant Panchami wrote, “Heartiest congratulations and best wishes on the auspicious festival of nature love, new consciousness ‘Basant Panchami’! May Mother Saraswati enrich us all with the blessings of happiness, peace, health and knowledge.” , this is the prayer. Jai Maa Sharde!”

The Congress tweeted, “On our 74th Republic Day, we bow to our forefathers who gave us our Constitution, the soul of our democracy. Today, we congratulate every Indian citizen and pray for justice, freedom, equality and Resolve to defend fraternity, which is at the heart of our vibrant republic.”

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge wrote, “Heartiest greetings to all the countrymen on the eve of 74th Republic Day. Today, what we need most is to save the basic principles of the Constitution, justice, equality, freedom, mutual brotherhood, secularism and socialism. Jai Hind “

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla wrote,#RepublicDay Best wishes to the countrymen. Today we salute those sages, who contributed significantly to the independence of the country and the creation of an inspiring and guiding constitution. We also congratulate those personalities, who are participating in nation building by strengthening the spirit of the Constitution.

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