Uttam Kumar Reddy: People are our children. Congress MP Uttam Kumar Reddy Sensational Comments On upcoming elections

MP Uttam Kumar Reddy says that the people of Kodada and Hujurnagar are his children. In these two constituencies, he made hot comments that he would take political asceticism even if one vote fell short of the 50,000 majority.

Telangana Congress senior leader, Nalgonda MP Uttam Kumar Reddy got emotional. He said that he worked very selflessly in his 30-year political career. He said that he did politics with values ​​and credibility. Uttam said that even though he has been in politics since 1994, he still does not have his own house. He said that he has worked a lot for the development of Kodada and Hujurnagar constituencies. Uttam said that he does not have any children… He thinks that the people of Kodada and Hujurnagar constituencies are his children. Uttam Atmiya Sammelan was organized with Congress workers in the mango orchard at Kodada Komarabanda. Uttam Kumar Reddy along with his wife Kodada former MLA Padmavathi participated in this intimate gathering. Speaking on this occasion, Uttam Kumar Reddy accused the ruling party of increasing anarchy in Kodada and Hujurnagar constituencies. Uttam Kumar Reddy said that he will take political asceticism even if he falls short of a majority of 50 thousand in Kodada and Hujurnagar constituencies in the next elections.

MP Uttam Kumar Reddy said that he came into politics after sacrificing the highest job in the country and he is working for the development of the people whether he is in office or not. He said that Congress will win in Kodada and Huzurnagar in the next elections. At present, the officials in the district are not behaving properly and they said that they will behave like this when the time comes.

People are quietly watching and warned that they will pay the price soon. He explained that some people are deliberately spreading bad propaganda against him, he has served five times as MLA, Minister, MP and TPCC State President.

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