Uorfi Javed responds to police complaints against her

Uorfi Javed has responded to Maharashtra Mahila Morcha president Chitra Kishor Wagh for the police complaint that she filed against the model-actor on Sunday for alleged vulgarity. (Also read: Uorfi says people only cared about her being ‘jailed’, not death threats she got)

Uorfi first shared a picture of Chitra posing with a copy of her complaint and wrote, “I’m so proud of myself.” She also shared a picture of the police complaint and captioned it “good job Chitra Wagh”. Chitra had shared both the pictures on her Twitter timeline.

Uorfi then responded to Chitra in a series of posts on Instagram Stories. “I don’t even want a trial or that bullshit, I’m ready to go to jail right now if you disclose your and your family member’s assets. Tell the world how much a politician earns and from where. Also from time to time multiple men in your party have been accused of harassment etc never. Started my new year with another police complaint from another Politician!,” she wrote.

She added, “Bas Asli kaam nahi hai inn politicians k Paas (don’t these politicians have any real work)? Are these politicians, and lawyers dumb? There is literally no article in the constitution that can be put on person to person. Unless my private parts are seen, you can’t send me to jail. These people are only doing this for media attention. I got against human trafficking and sex trafficking in Mumbai which is still very much there. How about shutting those illegal dance Bars and prostitution which again exist everywhere in Mumbai (sic)”

In her complaint addressed to Mumbai police commissioner, Chitra urged immediate action. “No one could have imagined that the right to conduct, freedom of thought given by the Constitution would be manifested in such a subversive attitude,” Chitra wrote in her complaint letter.

She also wrote, “If she wants to display her body, she must do it behind the four walls, but the actor may not be aware that she is fuelling the perverse attitude of the society.”

Uorfi also wrote a Happy New year post which read as, “Happy New Year to everyone except Chitra Wagh.” She further wrote, “All these politicians wanting to arrest me while Bilkis Bano rapists roam free. They are roaming freely and the politicians of our country want to arrest me. What irony! So, am I a bigger threat to society than rapists?”

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