Union Budget 2023: Benefit us in this budget.. What if a patient writes a letter to Union Finance Minister? | If the patient writes a letter to the Finance Minister on the Union Budget?

Union Budget 2023 It’s budget time.. People are eagerly waiting for it. Many are waiting to see what kind of blessings will be showered on which communities. What benefits will they get in this budget..

Union Budget 2023 It’s budget time.. People are eagerly waiting for it. Many are waiting to see what kind of blessings will be showered on which communities. A lot of people are eagerly waiting to see what kind of benefits they will get in this budget.

Hon’ble Finance Minister,

My name is Prakash.. I live in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. I was diagnosed with lung cancer during covid treatment. It turned out that it was already in the third stage. My grandmother lives in Ghaziabad. She brought me knowing my health condition. I was shown to a hospital in Delhi. After doing all the tests, the hospital said that the cost for my treatment would be in lakhs. Neither I nor my daughter can afford this expense. I worked in a factory in Kurnool for 40 years. I retired 4 years ago. I get a pension of Rs 2500 through PF. I have three girls. I got them all married. Due to my financial situation I can only get treatment in a government hospital. I have been trying to get admission in AIIMS since 2 days but failed. Only very few people get entry there. Every day we leave Ghaziabad early in the morning. At AIIMS, we are going to take a nap. But I can’t get admission. Perhaps luck was not in my favor. I will return to Ghaziabad in the evening. This has been happening for two days.

Dear Nirmalamma.. I am not the only one, there are hundreds of people like me. Today also I came early in the morning. I am sitting outside gate number 3. My daughter Saroja is currently in line. Right now there is a war going on between her will and my health which is deteriorating day by day. Budget is coming soon. So I thought of writing you this letter to convey my best wishes on the budget.

Finance Minister.. I never understand one thing. I have been working hard all my life.. every year I have been paying a portion of my income in taxes. And why should I bear all this in my troubled work situation? What did I do wrong? In my old age, when my health is declining, I.. a hospital run by taxes paid by people like me cannot afford to treat me. I never imagined that the health facilities in Delhi, the capital of the country, would be so bad. We are the ones who always talk down about small cities.. but.. even the peddasupari in such a big city seems like the government hospital of our cities. Ayushman Bharat Yojana is not for people like me. Even if I get it.. it is not useful for diseases like cancer.

Madam Finance Minister, I find it hard to believe that the government has such a huge budget. Because still not able to provide good health facilities to common people like us. I still remember the occasion when I applauded the news that every district would have a government hospital. But, patients like me still have to face double trouble. People like us have to bear not only the pain caused by the disease but also the pain caused by the treatment of the disease. It has been 75 years since the independence of the country. Now we are celebrating festivals like Amrita Mahotsavam. But even proper treatment is not provided in government hospitals. There is no progress in the schemes announced by you at the grass root level.

Madam we also deserve good treatment and medicines. You are the government.. and you are unable to stop the will of private hospitals? Isn’t the government responsible for providing good healthcare to poor patients? I have lost many loved ones due to covid pandemic. The situation of not even getting oxygen, bed in hospitals at that time is still moving before our eyes. If I keep it like that.. I am getting sicker day by day. Maybe I’ll leave soon. I don’t even know if I will be alive by the time this letter reaches you. But Madam Finance Minister.. think about all the poor patients who cannot get good treatment in private hospitals at least a little in the budget.



Letter for Better Government Medicine

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