Tunisha Suicide Case: Did the pressure of ‘Love Jihad’ take Tunisha’s life? special reports

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Police is investigating the case in Tunisha Sharma suicide case. Police is investigating this case from every angle. Along with the statements of accused Sheejan Khan in the case, the police is also questioning Tunisha Sharma’s mother, maternal uncle and aunt. The police had chosen a secret location for the statement of the three, where the family members were called and their statements were recorded. During interrogation by the police, Tunisha said that she had spoken to Tunisha some time before her death.
So far, statements of 25 people have been recorded in this case and various things of many people are coming to the fore. The police is trying to match all these things so that concrete evidence can be gathered. Accused Sheejan Khan has custody till tomorrow. Whether the custody of the accused will have to be increased, the police will present its argument.

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