Tollywood: Do you remember who is this little girl who is playing tricks with Suriya.? | Do You Know Who Is The Heroine In This Pic, Sonal Chauhan Unseen Photo Viral On Social Media

The actress who will be mentioned now has both beauty and acting. But luck is scarce. Entertaining the audience with his performance..

Along with beauty and acting, luck can continue as heroines in the film industry for a long time. There are many actresses who have ruled the industry. But the actress who will be mentioned now has both beauty and acting. But luck is scarce. Even if he entertains the audience with his performance, the possibilities are limited. She was introduced to Tollywood in 2008. She had to wait for six years for another chance. The film made at that time was a super hit, but offers did not knock on the door of this beauty. Although he appeared in one or two movies from time to time, he did not get recognition. In this sequence, she made her debut in Kannada, Tamil and Hindi languages. Can you remember her?

If you still don’t know who she is.. a little clue… this beauty acted in three films together with Nandamuri Balakrishna. With the bikini show, the hearts of the boys were excited. Ha.. S.. Your guess is correct.. None other than Sonal Chauhan. This beauty made her Telugu debut with the movie ‘Jannat’ in Hindi in 2008, and with the movie ‘Rainbow’, and got success with the movie ‘Legend’ in 2014. After that, she scored good marks for her performance with films like ‘Pandaga Chesko’, ‘Size Zero’, ‘Dictator’, ‘Ruler’, ‘F3’ and ‘Ghost’. Currently pan India is going to test her luck with the movie ‘Adipurush’.

Meanwhile, this beauty is always active on social media. She is always sharing her latest photoshoots and getting closer to her fans.

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