Today Mirchi Rate: Dry pepper making the farmer’s mustache .. record breaking. Telangana: Red Chilli Gets All Time Record Rate At Enumamula Agri Market Today In Warangal Telugu News

Red gold crossed the gold price. The joint Warangal District Special has fetched an all-time record price for the desi variety of chillies. Mirchi has been competing with gold prices since the beginning of this season.

The price of dry chillies has surpassed gold. Runs non-stop. It rushes as if there is nothing to decrease. Recently, a record number of red and gold rang in the agricultural market yard of Warangal Enumamula. 80,100 rupees per quintal of desi kota mirchi. It is said that this is the record price this year. Last year the price of Quinta Mirchi was more than 90 thousand rupees. Farmers are rejoicing as the record price of pepper has reached an unprecedented level. According to this, how the demand for chilli has increased and how the prices are rising can be understood.

Desi mirchi is cultivated only in the joint district of Warangal. In this region, desi mirchi is grown in red soil. But its cultivation is the same on the knife. The investment will be Rs.1 lakh per acre. Chilli gardens should be guarded like babies. There is a risk of being washed away if there is one heavy rain. This time too, the farmers suffered losses due to untimely rains at the time of harvest. Yields fell.

But the farmers say that they will recover from the losses due to the record price. Anyway, here the red gold that ripens in the red soil months is attracting all attention with the all time record price. But this time due to decrease in crop production and increase in demand, the prices of chillies are running beyond the green, experts say.

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