Tikka was arrested for drunk driving!! What is the punishment given by the court this time??


No matter how many ways the police tell people not to drive under the influence of alcohol, the behavior of motorists does not change. Even if you get caught in a drunken drive and go to jail, you will not change your mind. An auto driver was caught driving and jailed for three days. However, without changing his behavior, he was again caught by the police driving an auto under the influence of alcohol. The judge, who was angry with this, spoke in a suitable manner. The Banjara Hills Traffic Police conducted a vehicle inspection on March 12 as part of a drunken drive. Venkataramana from Asifnagar was found driving an auto under the influence of alcohol. His blood was analyzed and his BAC was 339. In August last year too, he was caught in a drunken drive and went to jail for three days. However, he was found driving drunk again without changing his behavior and the police produced him in Nampally court. The judge expressed his displeasure at this and sentenced him to prison and revoked his driving license. Moreover, he gave a verdict imposing a fine of 2,100 rupees.

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