This holy city is collapsing hour by hour.. Houses are bursting and water is boiling!

Joshimath Sinking

The famous spiritual town of Joshimath in Uttarakhand is in dire straits. There seems to be a crack in the ground and around 570 houses are collapsing. 60 families have already left their homes due to cracks in their houses. On Wednesday another 29 families were moved to safer places by the authorities. Still around 500 families risk their lives and stay in their homes. 3,000 people were affected by the landslide. As the situation is deteriorating day by day, there is a lot of anxiety among the people there. Municipal Corporation Chairman Shailendra Pawar said that the research team of IIT Roorkee is surveying the reasons for this. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkara Singh Dhami reacted to the subsidence of land and cracks in houses in Joshimath. After the survey report, they will discuss with the Municipal Corporation. He said that he will visit this town soon and take action.

What could be the reason..?

They came to the preliminary conclusion that the houses in that town are getting cracks due to the big changes in the weather. Not only the houses but also the roads were badly cracked. Landslides and land subsidence caused cracks in hundreds of houses. Water is coming out of those cracks. In this way, many areas were flooded due to the water coming from the cracks in the earth. People are trembling with fear as large cracks are forming in the houses. Residents who do not know what is happening are leaving their homes and moving to safer areas. The situation here has been like this for months.

While this town has become the main attraction for mountain climbing trips in the Himalayas. There they trek to Badrinath and Valley of Flowers. Jyotirmath Peetha is sacred to Hindus.

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