This creepy serial killer liked human flesh, this is the most watched web series in the history of Netflix

In the black world of crime, you must have heard many stories till date but nothing like Geoffrey Asphalt. Such a serial killer whose soul trembles just by listening to his story. People in America had such a fear of it that even today that fear is fresh in the minds of many people. It is said that he liked human flesh. When Geoffrey Dahmer’s web series was released on Netflix, it made many viewership records. In this way, ‘Monster: The Geoffrey Asphalt Story’ has gained a lot of popularity among the audience on the OTT platform Netflix.

Who Was Geoffrey Dahmer?

Geoffrey Dahmer was born in Wisconsin, USA. The date was May 21, 1960. Father Lionel Herbert was an asphalt research chemist. Father was mostly away from home due to work and mother Joyce was a hypochondriac patient. Whose most of the time was spent in bed. Parents did not pay much attention to Geoffrey since childhood. This ignorance had pushed him into the darkness of loneliness.

Geoffrey was a happy child

Although Geoffrey was a happy child, he had to undergo a surgery shortly before the age of four. After this surgery, he became very quiet and started treating her as a coward in school. He hardly had any friends in school. But a teacher noticed that Geoffrey is becoming like this due to parental neglect.

interested in dead animals

When Geoffrey was four years old, he started getting interested in dead animals and their bones. When Geoffrey saw his father bleaching and cleaning animal bones and keeping them safe, he tried to understand them. Once at dinner, he asked his father, Lionel, what would happen to chicken bones if they were placed in bleach. The father thought his child was curious and showed Geoffrey the whole process.

The first murder and the beginning of fear

As Geoffrey was growing up, there was a change in him. He used to kill animals and cut them into pieces and bury them. Many times it happened even when he decorated the dead bodies of animals after killing them. Geoffrey committed his first murder at the age of 18. That year was 1978. This was his first human blood. This is because at this age Geoffrey had realized that he had started liking boys more than girls. Some boys used to attract her.

most gruesome murder

The way Geoffrey Dahmer used to kill people was heart wrenching. Once he made 19 year old boy Earl Lindsey his victim. Then while alive, a hole was made in his head and hydrochloric acid was filled in it. It is also said that he used to cut the dead body into pieces and eat it.

Such was the end of Geoffrey Asphalt

When Geoffrey was caught, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in several cases one after the other. He was to remain in prison for the rest of his life, but after three years and four months in the Colombia Correctional Facility, he was murdered on November 28, 1994. In prison, his fellow Christopher Scarver killed him by hitting him with an iron dumbbell. When Geoffrey was in jail, he had confessed many of his crimes.

Web series based on Geoffrey’s story became popular

A web series has also been made on the creepy story of Geoffrey Asphalt. This series came on Netflix. The name of this web series is ‘Monster: The Geoffrey Asphalt’. This web series has brought every aspect of the story of serial killer Geoffrey Dahmer in front of people. The story is quite creepy. This creepy web series has been viewed the most on the history of Netflix.

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