The Foreigner Along With The Family Made Rotis In The Gurdwara, People Said – You Are Very Good Friend

The foreigner along with the family made rotis in the Gurudwara, people said – You are wonderful friend

It is said that India is a dream. The culture, religion and rituals here attract a lot of people. People from India and abroad come to visit India. Recently, a famous blogger from America has come to visit India with his family. While visiting India, he also reached a gurudwara in Delhi. There he bowed his head with his family and was seen rolling rotis in the kitchen of the gurudwara. People are very happy after watching this video of him. People are reacting on social media. Along with this, people are also sharing this video.

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Video went viral while doing langar service

It can be seen in the video how this person named Eaton is doing langar service with his family. People are liking this video very much. It can be seen in the video that Eaton has put a traditional handkerchief on his head. There a woman has tied a scarf. It can be seen in the video how all the families are making rotis together. People are liking this video very much.

talking about the machine

Eaton is a blogger as well as a chef. He praised the roti machine. He told his fans that with the help of this machine, 4000 rotis can be made in an hour.

people are praising

After watching this video on social media, people are praising. There are reactions of many people on this video going viral. This video has got millions of views. At the same time, this video has got more than 65 thousand likes.

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