Telangana: Um..! These are the occult worships. Black Magic practices in Mahabubabad District creates terror Telugu News

On the one hand, development is running towards space. On the other hand, superstitions still persist in the society. Some people who do not understand this truth are still indulging in superstitions.

Occult worships are shaking the district of Mahabubabad district. Trains are running in the hearts of the people everywhere. Something like this is always seen somewhere. Recently, the locals trembled with fear when they found signs of occult worship at a place in Bapujinagar Colony, Dornakal. Man’s skull, lemons and turmeric are confused. Not knowing who the occultists were and why they did it, the owner of the land lodged a complaint with the police.

Such extremes happen during Amavasya Full Moon. When Amavasya came on Sunday, such occult pujas were done. Some people perform such pujas in front of their houses and mentally trouble the owners of those houses. Jana Vigyan Vedika has been outraged over the frequent occult worship in Mahabubabad district. Who is suggesting that they should not be afraid that they are doing such things by taking advantage of the innocence of innocent people. Leaders of Janavijnana Vedika are assuring that no one will be harmed by these pujas.

The situation can be understood if educated people are also affected by occult worship. Not only in villages but also in cities, it is worrying. Such things are making the people who are already tensed due to Corona even more confused. They are wondering when they will have to hear what kind of news.

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