Telangana Congress: Manikkam Tagore who resigned as the in-charge of Telangana Congress.. What is the final message.. | Congress Leader Manickam Tagore Left as Telangana Incharge

Manikkam Tagore resigned from the in-charge of Telangana Congress party affairs. After the awareness conference today..

Manikkam Tagore resigned from the in-charge of Telangana Congress party affairs. After the awareness conference was held today.. he exited from the T. Congress WhatsApp group. Tagore who gave the last message saying thank you to everyone.. After that he left all the groups. In recent times, the differences in T. Congress have become more intense. Manikkam has been criticized by seniors as a target. Digvijay Singh, who entered the field as the High Command’s envoy as the controversies intensified, recently gave a report to the High Command. After that, there were rumors that Manikkam would be released. In this background, Manikkam Tagore left the party’s WhatsApp groups today. It seems that a new in-charge of Telangana Congress will be appointed soon. But, why miss Manikkam? Or did he leave because everyone was targeting him? What happened behind the scenes in the Manikkam episode became a hot topic.

Meanwhile, analysts are of the opinion that the first demand of the seniors in T. Congress has been fulfilled with Manikkam Tagore’s withdrawal. Because.. all the seniors were tied up and complained to Digvijay about Manikkam. Allegations were made that he had become a puppet in the hands of Revanth. Seniors gave complaints that half of the problems would be solved if Manikkam was removed. Just as they wanted.. Now that Manikkam Tagore has dropped out.. who will be next? The discussion is going on.

However, Digvijay Singh is heard in Manikkam Place. But, Diggy Raja decided that he did not have those responsibilities. With that, the affairs of Telangana became a headache for the high command. The differences between the leaders were also revealed in the Congress awareness conference held on Wednesday. Party ranks split into Revanth faction and Save Congress faction. On the other hand, Telangana high command is working for a new in-charge.

Manikyam Thagar’s tweet this morning..

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