Telangana BJP: BJP Mission Meeting Begins.. 90 Assembly Seats as Target Activity.. Joining Committee in Hunt for Candidates.. | Bharatiya Janata Party Mission 90 to Target 2023 Telangana Assembly Elections meeting going on in Hyderabad

Necessary activities are being prepared for BJP to come to power in Telangana. Mission 90 was prepared with the aim of winning 90 seats.

Mission-90..! Target-2023.! The goal is to hoist the saffron flag in Telangana. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is holding a key meeting in Hyderabad. Bandi Sanjay, the party’s state president, started the Mission 90 meeting with the target of the upcoming assembly elections. Met with important leaders across Telangana. The campaign is being made with the target of winning 90 seats. Assembly constituencies with weak candidates. The details of the assembly segments where the party is weak and strong candidates have already been prepared.

A detailed report has been prepared with the necessary strategies, plans, weaknesses of the opposing parties and policy promises to go to the next assembly elections. The BJP inclusion committee has also increased aggression.

The hunt for strong leaders has begun. It seems that the disgruntled leaders in other parties have already been listed out. They are giving signs that party doors are always open when strong leaders come. It seems that they are trying to guarantee the ticket if necessary.

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