Telangana: Are you going abroad for employment? Be careful! | TS Police awareness program under auspices of Ministry of External Affairs about cheating in job and employment opportunities abroad

Foreign Travel: It has been revealed that 3.70 workers have migrated from India to different countries, some of them have gone illegally and have been cheated by agents. Women who have migrated from southern states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Punjab states are more likely to be cheated.

DGP Anjani Kumar said that the Telangana Police Department has taken extensive measures so that those who go abroad for job and employment opportunities are not exposed to any kind of fraud. Government of India Ministry of External Affairs A special meeting was held today (Friday) at the DGP’s office on the topic of ‘Migrant workers going abroad, safety and regularization of employees – measures to be taken by the police department’. On this occasion, DGP Anjani Kumar said that while India is at the top in sending experts in various professions to the countries of the world, Telangana State is playing a vital role in this.

He explained that Telangana State is in the forefront of sending well-trained manpower mainly in nursing and para-medical fields to foreign countries, especially to Middle Eastern countries and European countries. However, at the same time, those who go to the Gulf countries for various jobs from Karimnagar, Jagityala, Sirisilla, Kamareddy, Nirmal, Adilabad, Nizamabad and other districts are being subjected to frauds by agents, he said.

Close surveillance on unrecognized organizations.

Mainly, the economically disadvantaged and illiterate people who go to Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Dubai are the victims of these scams. It was reminded that the Telangana Police Department has brought to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs three cases of cheating in Kuwait. About 10 such scams, the Nizamabad Police Commissionerate has also brought it to the notice of the Ministry of External Affairs. However, Anjani Kumar stated that we have kept a close watch on unrecognized foreign recruitment agencies, illegal recruitment agencies and tourist agencies in the state.

Actions against illegal exporters

Ausaf Saeed, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, said that a new law is being introduced to replace the current Immigration Act of 1983 in order to take strict action against agencies that illegally send people abroad without proper permits in the name of employment opportunities. He said that it will also be sent to the states to provide appropriate advice and suggestions for this law. It has been revealed that 3.70 laborers migrated from India to different countries last year, some of whom went illegally and were cheated by agents.

Those who are not cheated from our states..

He said that women who have migrated from southern states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as Punjab states are mostly victims of fraud. He said that they are going illegally to Gulf countries mainly on visiting visas. However, he asked the police department to focus on the information about which agents and who are sending them illegally. The Union Secretary appreciated Telangana State for being at the forefront in doing passport verification very fast.

52 out of 82 are in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand said that there are around 82 unauthorized and unregistered recruiting and consultancy agencies in the state, of which 52 are in Hyderabad. Rachakonda Commissioner D.S. wants changes in the laws to take strict action against agencies that commit frauds. Chauhan said. Telangana Tomcom CEO Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Regional Passport Officer Balayya and Sanjay Awasthita participated in the program conducted through video conference.

Ausaf Saeed, Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs of India, Brahma Kumar, Joint Secretary, Protector General of Immigrants, Under Secretary Sudhir Kumar Meena, Additional DGs Abhilasha Bist, Sanjay Kumar Jain, Hyderabad C.P. CV Anand, Rachakonda CP DS. Chauhan and other senior officers were present.

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