Telangana: Alliances in Telangana politics.. BRS-Congress ready for friendship? | BRS and Congress Alliance and ready for Telangana Assembly Election

Telangana: Alliances in Telangana politics..! The news of BRS-Congress friendship is causing a stir. BJP says this is what will happen in future. Congress and BRS make it clear that they will go single. Why is there smoke without fire? What actually happened? What is going to happen?

Telangana: Telangana politics has turned into a mess. Hot hot discussion on alliances is going on like never before.! The news that T.Congress in-charge Manikkam Tagore was changed because of alliance with BRS… is naturally causing a stir..! Kamal Nath alleges that they have always been saying that these two parties have united to face the BJP.. Now the same has become true. Originally in Telangana, KCR Congress is the version of BJP..!

The Congress version is different. It is said that actually the issue of alliances between them did not come up for discussion. It reminds me that Rahul once said the same thing that he will compete as a single in 2023.

BJP is rejecting the claims and allegations of BJP-Congress. They are questioning the need to fight for friendship with another party after contesting the 2014 and 2018 elections as a single party.

BRS, BJP, Congress… these three parties are making it clear that they are contesting as a single… but as the election time approaches… politics is heating up as alliances are coming to the fore.

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