Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson is 3rd richest pet in world, worth ₹800 cr

Grammy award-winning singer Taylor Swift is among the most successful women in the world. Much like her, now her cat Olivia Benson, a Scottish Fold Feline, has become one of the wealthiest pets around the globe. Olivia is currently in the third spot on the world’s wealthiest pets list, by AllAboutCats.com. Also read: All Too Well snubbed, but Taylor Swift is still in Best Original Song for Oscars shortlist for Carolina

Taylor has Olivia since 2014. Besides Olivia, Taylor also has two more cats– Meredith Grey and Benjamin Button. However, the list only mentions Olivia and nothing about Meredith and Benjamin. Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $570 million ( 4700 crore) as per a Forbes 2022 report.

The said Forbes-style list is said to evaluate the net worth of each popular pet around the world, via their Instagram data to estimate ‘how much each of these pets could make.” While Olivia has no Instagram account of her own, she is at times seen in pictures and videos on the singer’s account. According to the website, the singer’s cat is worth an estimated $97 million ( 800 crore estimated).

Olivia has done several commercial works with Taylor. She has been featured in several music videos of the singer such as Blank Space. The two have also appeared together in various ads and Olivia has her own merchandise line. She enjoys immense popularity on social media and has several fanclubs dedicated to her.

“The Scottish Fold earned her fortune starring alongside her owner in several music videos, has crafted her own merchandise line, and has had cameos in many big-budget ads, including for the likes of Diet Coke and Ned Sneakers,” added the website about her net worth.

Besides Taylor Swift’s cat, the list also featured Oprah Winfrey’s dogs, who inherit $30 million via their own trust on an account of their owner’s death. Late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman cat, Choupette found its way into the list with about $13 million inherited after Karl’s death. Even Betty White’s Golden Retriever, Pontiac is also a part of the list, who inherited $5 million ( 0.5 crore) after the actor’s death.

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