Summer Health Tips: Are you eating chuddi rice? Do you know how good it is for your health? Eat rice aged in this way in summer and get relief from these diseases

Did you know that if we eat the leftover rice at night and eat it again in the morning, it is good for health. Here we will find out which diseases it keeps away..

Doctors always say not to eat stale food. Many times we hear our elders saying that it is better to eat the same chaddi rice. But people’s opinion about chaddi rice is slightly different. It is eaten in different forms in many parts of India. It is a custom. That is why some eat it because it is considered good for health. Chaddi rice is very good for health. Let us know the benefits of eating.

  • Relieves Ulcer Disease: Consuming chaddi rice gives a lot of relief in ulcer disease. If you are suffering from ulcers, first fill an earthen pot with water and then put chaddi rice. There is a chemical reaction in it overnight. After that fermentation takes place. Eat chaddi rice like this 2-3 times a week and you will get immense relief from serious diseases like ulcers.
  • Eating chaddi rice in summer keeps heat in the body under control: chaddi rice has a cooling effect. If you eat chaddi rice daily in summer, body temperature will always be under control. Along with this, your stomach will also feel cold. In summer, both body and stomach are very hot. In such a situation, chaddi rice works daily to keep your stomach cool.
  • Relief from Constipation: Constipation sufferers must eat chaddi rice. This will solve their constipation problem. Because the fiber content in chaddi rice is very high. If you eat a cup of chaddi rice daily, the complaint of constipation will disappear forever.
  • Stop drinking tea, coffee: According to health experts, if you are in the habit of drinking tea or coffee several times a day, try eating chaddi rice. It is very beneficial. Eating stale rice in the morning also removes the addiction to tea and coffee.
  • Good for glowing skin: Eating stale rice cleanses the stomach and makes the skin glow. The nutrients in it keep your body clean from the inside.

(Note: The contents are for informational purposes only. It is provided as per the advice of health professionals. Consult a medical professional if you have any doubts.)

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