Strange antics of youths in Metro.. Passengers in shock..

Strange antics of youths in Metro.. Passengers in shock..

For the past few days, various videos related to Metro are going viral on social media. Many people are trying to become famous by making reels on road, bus and metro. For this, fellow travelers are in trouble, but they are looking for their own happiness. Reels are being made with various stunts and oddities. Currently.. one such video has become viral. Watching this video will definitely make you mad because.. Usually, seeing people doing reels in the metro makes fellow passengers and netizens angry. But, this is surprising. In this viral video, many passengers are sitting in the metro. The train is rushing. Meanwhile, two young men suddenly started doing stunts. Vario was a young man sitting in a train bogie with the rod in the middle converted into a seat. That too without any basis. The same cannot be said in words.. If this is the case.. Another young man holding a rod with a hat in his hand did a backflip. The fellow passengers were amazed at the stunts they both performed together.

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