Sriharikota Suicide Row: Third suicide in Shar. Sriharikota CRPF CI Vikas Singh wife Priyasingh committed suicide a day after her husband’s suicide

The Indian Space Launch Center (SHAR), which is the pride of the country, is now witnessing a suicide frenzy. Three people committed suicide within 24 hours

The Indian Space Launch Center (SHAR), which is the pride of the country, is now witnessing a suicide frenzy. There is a commotion as three people committed suicide within two days.. It is known that CISF CI Vikassingh and Constable Chintamani committed suicide in Sriharikota of Tirupati district yesterday (January 17). Vikas Singh’s wife Priya Singh, who had come from Uttar Pradesh to see him who committed suicide, also committed suicide. According to the information given by the officials, Priyasingh was committed to death by hanging himself from a fan at Narmada Guest House today (January 18). Officials told his family members that Vikas Singh committed suicide by shooting himself. Priyasingh, who reached Sriharikota with her brother and children from Uttar Pradesh, broke down in tears at the dead body of her husband.

In this order, she stayed at Narmada Atithi Bhavan in Sriharikota on Tuesday. The local police interrogated Priya Singh on the death of Vikas Singh. Afterwards, they stayed there with their relatives in the guest house. She committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan in her room on Wednesday morning. The family members noticed this and immediately informed the CISF personnel. Both bodies were shifted from Sriharikota to Sullurpet General Hospital for post-mortem. It seems that she committed suicide because she could not bear the death of her husband.

Meanwhile, CI Vikas Singh and Priyasingh have a son and a daughter. But the parents committed suicide and their two children became orphans. It is sad that among them Vikas’s daughter is disabled. Vikas, who belongs to the 2015 batch, was working at the Baba Atomic Research Center in Mumbai after his training and came to Sriharikota on transfer in November last year. It is learned that he was subjected to disciplinary action while performing his duties in Mumbai.

Vikas Singh has been asking for leave for a few days now. Colleagues say that the superiors did not agree and committed suicide. Within hours of Vikas’ suicide, Constable Chintamani committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the forest near Zeropoint Radar Center in Shaar. Chintamani from Sankara Village and Taluka of Mahashamund District of Chhattisgarh State took up job duties as Constable in Sriharikota on 10th of this month.

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