South Delhi Crime A Minor First Cut Throat Of A Young Man And Then Stabbed 45 Times On Body Delhi Police Murder Case Delhi

Delhi Murder Case: In the desire of becoming a don after watching a film, a minor boy in Delhi attacked and killed an 18-year-old youth with a choku. The film had such an impact on the accused boy that he attacked the young man with a knife not once… not twice… not 10 times… but about 45 times to spread terror in his name in the area. Or it should be said that he was adopted with a knife.

The case is of South Delhi in which the deceased has been identified as Harsh. After killing Harsh, the minor accused fled away with his mobile as well. At the same time, after getting the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and after investigating, arrested the accused and one of his friends. Giving information on this murder case, the police said, the accused, along with one of his accomplices, killed a boy named Harsh and looted his mobile. Both the boys have been caught after which they have been sent to a reform home.

The accused had seen this film.

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According to the police, the minor accused boy is 15 years old, who told the police during interrogation that he had seen a Punjabi action film on his mobile about 15 days ago. After which he started imagining becoming a don… He told the police that he was trying to rob Harsh’s mobile. But Harsh was opposing it, after which the accused, along with his accomplice, first slit his throat with a knife and then stabbed him about 45 times.

police recovered knife

During the investigation of this case, the police have also recovered the knife used in the murder. At the same time, Harsh’s body has been sent for postmortem.

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