Sonu Sood criticised by railway for sitting on footboard of moving train | Bollywood

Actor Sonu Sood has been criticised by Northern Railway for travelling on the footboard of a moving train, calling it ‘dangerous’. This response of Northern Railway came after the actor had posted a clip of him sitting on the footboard of a moving train last month on Twitter. (Also read: Sonu Sood’s kind gesture for Khaby Lame backfires on him hilariously, fans call it ‘a collab we didn’t know we needed’)

Taking to the micro-blogging site, the official page of Northern Railway reposted Sonu’s clip with the caption, “Dear, @SonuSood, You are a role model for millions of people in the country and the world. Travelling on train steps is dangerous, and this type of video may send the wrong message to your fans. Please do not do this! Enjoy a smooth and safe journey.” The actor had posted a video of him sitting on the footboard of a moving train as he held onto the handle next to him, near the train’s door.

The Mumbai Railway Police Commissionerate had also warned the actor for his act and stated that such a trick would work in movies for the purpose of entertainment but not in real life. “@SonuSood travelling on the footboard may be a source of ‘Entertainment’ in movies, not real life! Let’s follow all safety guidelines and ensure a ‘Happy New Year’ for all,” GRP Mumbai tweeted.

Many users expressed their concern for Sonu and reacted to the video. One user tweeted, “Travelling by sitting on the door of the train is an invitation to an accident. You are an inspiration to millions of people, crores of people are your fans. By doing this your fans can also do the same. So please delete this video Inspire people to travel safely.” Another fan wrote, “Really true. People follow their Reel Hero blindly so such Video shouldn’t have uploaded. Reel Heros should take a serious note on it.” One commended the tweet made by Northern Railway and said, “Perfect advice @RailwayNorthern.”

Sonu Sood had helped thousands of people during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. He had received many messages from citizens seeking urgent help at the time and had responded to their concerns.

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