Snehal Gaware Murder Case Still Unsolved Dead Body Found In Bed Box At Home Suspect Boyfriend Father Police

Snehal Gaware Murder Case: There is a saying that ‘the arm of the law is very long’. Despite this, the records of the police are filled with many unsolved murder cases. One such murder case is also of Snehal Gaware, an engineering student from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel College in Andheri, Mumbai. Fifteen years have passed since the Snehal Gaware murder case, but till date the police have not been able to find the ‘murderer’. First of all, the police have not been able to find any such clue so far, which can identify the culprit. The file of the Snehal murder case is still open. Let’s know what happened in the Snehal murder case so far?

Chappals were at home, but not Snehal

The day of July 19, 2007 was no less than a watershed for the Gavre family living in Ninad Cooperative Housing Society of Dombivali area of ​​Mumbai. When Snehal’s father Hindurao Gaware returned home, wife Kalpana told that Snehal was not at home, but the door of the hall was latched. Snehal’s slippers were at home and a glass of water was also kept in the hall itself. Snehal’s phone was also switched off. However, at around 3:30 in the afternoon, Snehal had sent a blank message to her mother.

The dead body was found in the diwan of the house

Snehal’s father Hindurao Gaware, who works in a cooperative bank, and mother Kalpana, a school teacher, searched for the daughter for several hours. Finally, exhausted, a missing report of Snehal was written at the Dombivli police station. Snehal’s elder sister Sheetal, who was studying in London, had also been informed about this. On July 20, around five in the morning, the sound of Kalpana’s screams came from Hindurao’s bedroom. Many people were present in the house and were shocked to hear the screams. On reaching the bedroom, Kalpana was pointing towards the diwan.

The post mortem report revealed that he was killed by suffocation.

Hindurao hurriedly removed the mattress from the diwan and opened the ply. Snehal’s dead body was lying in the Diwan’s box. Both Snehal’s hands were tied behind her back and her mouth was covered with a cloth. The police took the dead body into custody and got the post-mortem done. The post mortem report revealed that Snehal was killed by suffocation. The police registered a murder case, but could not find any clue or suspect in the Snehal murder case.

Suspicion on boyfriend, but no evidence found

When the police started investigating the Snehal murder case, the first suspicion fell on her boyfriend Hiren Rathore. In police interrogation, Hiren Rathore had told that in 2004, after a year of friendship with Snehal, both of them had fallen in love. Hiren also told that he used to visit Snehal’s house occasionally and his mother knew about their relationship. In his statement to the police, Hiren had said that a week before the murder, he had a fight with Snehal over some issue and during this time there was no conversation between the two.

He also told that till two days before Snehal’s murder, his phone was also out of order and he used to open the phone only to make calls. Hiren Rathore was working as a management trainee in a company during that time. Rathore had told the police that he was with his co-workers throughout the day. However, the police could not recover the attendance register for the month of July from the company as it had gone missing. A year after the Snehal murder case, Rathore went to study abroad.

The father was suspicious of the mother, the elder daughter had filed a case

Police investigation revealed that Snehal’s father Hindurao Gaware used to doubt his wife Kalpana. Hindurao suspected that Kalpana was having an illicit relationship with her relative Anil Jawalekar and because of this nothing was going well between the two. At the same time, Hindurao’s elder daughter Sheetal had also written a case against her father for assault. Investigation of Hindurao’s psychological profiling revealed that he used to be troubled by the connivance of the mother and both the daughters in getting the case registered against him.

got mobile but no seller

A few days after the Snehal murder, the police recovered Snehal’s phone from a person named Mansukh Shivaji Patil. Mansukh, who runs a shop in Kandivali, told the police during interrogation that a person had sold him this mobile and he had found it lying. Patil had told the police that he had bought the mobile for Rs 3,500. The police had also prepared a sketch of the person selling mobiles on the basis of Mansukh’s description. However, Snehal’s family members could not recognize him.

Police had an eye on four suspects

The police had proceeded with the investigation against four people in the Snehal murder case. These people were Hiren Rathore, Hindurao Gaware, Kalpana Gaware and Anil Jawalekar. Psychological profiling and polygraph test of all of them was done. At the same time, brain electrical oscillation signature profiling of Hiren Rathore was also done. In this test, even the smallest movement in the brain can be captured in response to the questions.

According to this investigation, Rathore was involved in Snehal murder case, some movement was felt while not answering the questions like suffocating her. It was indicating that Hiren had some relation with this massacre. At the same time, Kalpana and Jawalekar told the truth in this investigation. However, Hindurao Gaware’s answers were considered uncertain.

Hiren was arrested, but he was released

Till 2010, the police could not find any major clue in the Snehal murder case. Then this matter was given to the crime branch. Meanwhile, in 2010, Hiren Rathore returned to India after his father’s death. During this, he himself appeared in the court and talked about getting the narco test done. A few days later, the police arrested him, but could not keep him behind bars for a long time without evidence and he got bail within a few days. After which he also withdrew his consent for conducting the narco test.

case still open

The police tried hard to gather evidence against Hiren, but their hands remained empty. The police made several attempts to recover the attendance register in Hiren’s company. The police also talked to Rathore’s co-workers. After which it came to light that there is not enough evidence to file a charge sheet against Hiren. The court has asked to continue the investigation in this matter. However, even after 15 years have passed, the killer is still out of reach of the police.

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