Sleeping Fish: This fish sleeps with one eye.. Its hunting method is surprising.. Do you know its name.. | Why These Fish sleep with one eye open, its hunting method is very special

This creature is an underwater fish. But did not breathe in water for most of the time. Hunting is also weird. They do not hunt directly.. These are a type of mammal that lives in sea water and river water.

Many kinds of animals are found in this world. Some are so unique that they are out of this world. At the same time, some creatures are always in discussion because of their antics. Today we will tell you about such a strange creature that sleeps with one eye open. The most surprising thing is that this creature is an underwater fish. Dolphin is a type of mammal that lives in sea water and river water. The word dolphin can be found in Delphinidae, Indian river dolphins, New World river dolphins, saltwater dolphins and many other types of dolphins. There are 40 species of these. Among these the males are larger. They have streamlined bodies and two body parts that become flippers.

They are suitable for jumping to great depths. There is a layer of fat under the skin to keep warm in cold water. Dolphins mainly eat fish and squid. Dolphins usually produce a variety of vocalizations in the form of clicks and whistles. Not only that, there are many strange things in its life style.

This fish sleeps with one eye open

Dolphins are depicted in the literature and paintings of various cultures around the world. Dolphins are considered the most intelligent of all animals. They are very friendly and playful with humans. This fish is considered as a very good friend of humans.. which means it is called human friendly. Its name is Dolphin. Besides the ocean, it is also found in the holy Ganges River in India. However, the number of dolphins found in the river Ganges is now much less than before. But now the Indian government is running a campaign to save it. Its hunting is completely prohibited.

Dolphins cannot breathe underwater

Although it is a fish, it is not in water the whole time. In fact, dolphins cannot breathe underwater. That is why after 2 to 3 minutes it comes to the surface from under the water and breathes. However, sometimes it stays in the water holding its breath for 5 to 7 minutes.

Hunted for its oil

Dolphins are hunted in some places like Japan. Dolphins are facing challenges such as entanglement in other fisheries, environmental damage to their habitats, and marine pollution. This fish is not only hunted for its meat. Instead, it is always hunted for the oil made from its meat. In fact, this oil is sold at high prices in the market. This is the reason why they are hunted all over the world. However, now many government and non-government organizations have started protecting them.

It hunts like this..

Dolphin emits a strange sound wave from inside to hunt fish. When it collides with its prey and comes back to the dolphin. It tells the dolphin how big the prey is.. how close it is to it. After this, with a similar sound wave… the dolphin warns its entire herd. They all hunt together.

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