Shah Rukh Khan heaps praises on ‘gentle giant’ John Abraham amid reports of tiff | Bollywood

Actor Shah Rukh Khan will be seen at loggerheads with John Abraham in their upcoming action film, Pathaan. Amid the rumours of their real-life tiff, Shah Rukh recently opened up about working with John. He revealed how John refused to punch him during the shoot and called him a ‘national treasure.’ Also read: John Abraham pens a note about Pathaan amid reports that ‘all is not okay’ between him and Shah Rukh Khan

Directed by Siddharth Anand, Pathaan stars Shah Rukh as a soldier named Pathaan, who ends his ‘hiatus’ as he is called to take down a terrorist outfit led by John Abraham. Deepika Padukone joins Shah Rukh in his mission.

Now talking about the film, Shah Rukh in a chat session, shared on Yash Raj Film’s YouTube account, shared his thoughts on John playing a negative role. He recalled how he has known John since he shifted to Mumbai and became friends. Describing him as ‘shy, very quiet and reculsive’, Shah Rukh said he was keen on seeing John in Pathaan.

“I met him many times when he was doing a film or we wanting to do a film together and this happened per chance. I was very keen he does it and he was kind enough to do a role where he is really a bad guy. He is a top star. He has his own franchises happening and he has got these really cool action films happening and to decide to take on a film where he is a bad guy, you know, so takes a lot of guts,” he added. Shah Rukh also shared while most actors refuse to play antagonists in films, John is different. “Takes a lot of confidence in your own self, especially when I see in the Hindi film scenario. Heroes don’t play bad guys. I’d love to play a bad guy. I gained deep respect for him.”

“It was nice working with him and all so I realised he is a gentle giant. You know when we were doing action and everything. He says…he called me a national treasure and said, ‘I will not hurt you.’ I said you can, it’s ok. He is very shy and I had to do a lot of convincing to tell him it’s ok, you can punch me and I won’t get hurt. I think he is so proficient in action. He really helped me look nice you know, in body language. It was very kind of him. I think when you are doing a film with a co-star like John, there is a lot to learn from him. Being the star that he is and the respect that he has for me,” said the superstar. He signed off with these words: “I hope when Pathaan comes out, one of the most liked characters, genuinely is John’s. I really wish it because it takes a lot of guts to do what he has done as an actor and as a star,” Shah Rukh shared his work experience with John in their first film together.

Previously, reports suggested things were not alright between John and Shah Rukh. Reportedly, John was upset about the final cut of Pathaan which might have strained his equation with Shah Rukh. What fuelled the rumours was John’s appearance at an event where he dodged a question regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s physique in Pathaan. Later John penned a note on Pathaan.

Pathaan will release on January 25.

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