Sarpanch Protest: Tension near Dharna Chowk in Hyderabad. Telangana sarpanch protest front called for agitation in Hyderabad Dharna Chowk today for funds

It is alleged that the money coming from the central government will also be stopped. Telangana Sarpanchul Sangam has called for agitation in Dharna Chowk for panchayat raj funds.

Sarpanch Protest: Tension near Dharna Chowk, Hyderabad

Telangana Sarpanch Protest(File Photo)

Sarpanchs in Telangana called for dharna for funds. Apart from not allocating funds to Gram Panchayats, the government is also accused of withholding money from the central government. The Telangana Sarpanchs Association has called for agitation in Hyderabad Dharna Chowk for panchayat raj funds. The sarpanchs are furious over the state government’s diversion of funds allocated by the center and finance commission to the panchayats. They expressed their anger that they are being treated unfairly by using the central funds which have come to the panchayats for other schemes.

Special bank accounts have been opened for funds to come from the Centre. The state government froze the accounts of Gram Panchayats (GPs) and expressed their grief that they have not received central funds for eight months. Meanwhile, it has been clarified that central funds have been deposited in two installments in the last week. But they said that the Telangana government has emptied the deposited funds.

If the center gives funds for the electricity bills of GPs and salaries of employees, how will the state use them? According to the rules of the Central and State Governments, the funds of the Finance Committee have to be used for sanitation, drinking water supply, green food and development works. They lamented that the state government has not released SFC funds to them for eight months, due to which they are facing difficulties as they are unable to fill diesel in tractors and pay electricity bills.

The Congress is also supporting this dharna and the police are arresting the Congress leaders one after the other. TPCC President Revanth Reddy was arrested early in the morning. Congress leaders in Mallu Ravi and other districts are also being house arrested by the police. Sarpanch Sanghas say that they will definitely hold a dharna if there is no permission. Due to this, there was a tense atmosphere near the Dharna Chowk as well. Heavy security has been arranged by the police. House arrests of Congress leaders are continuing across the state.

Already V. Hanumantha Rao, Kisan Congress national leaders Kodanda Reddy, Mallu Ravi and others were arrested. TPCC Working President Mahesh Kumar Goud arrested the house.

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