Samantha Ruth Prabhu: Has Samantha’s myositis disease subsided? – Telugu News | Has Samantha’s myositis disease subsided

Did Sam’s myositis disease subside? Or are you able to make these movies only because of the treatment? This is the current debate among some netizens on social media.

At present Sam is doing a series of films. Spending time with shootings. They have also become active on social media. Does that mean that Sam’s myositis disease has subsided? Or are they able to make these films only because of treatment? This is the current debate among some netizens on social media. After the breakup with Chai, this extremely viral beauty shocked everyone by saying that she has myositis. Said about the numbness that enveloped his body. A rare disease that affects only six out of ten people.. There is no treatment for it.. They became emotional. But your love is enough.. He says that he will recover quickly.. He will come back to you like Samantha before.. he said firmly.

And Samantha who said then… is she recovered now? Does it mean that it has become completely healthy..? I have to say no. Samantha’s health is not affected till she attends the IVIG – Intravenous Immunoglobulin therapy session as long as the medication is used. Believe what myositis does not do.

That’s why Sam also changed his lifestyle a bit. He is maintaining his health by taking IVIG medicine at the right time.. doing yoga.. meditation.. in between doing fitness workouts.. He is finishing the films he has committed to.

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