Russia – Ukraine War: Another huge attack on Ukraine.. Nova Kakhovka dam blown up.. What is Russia’s reaction.. – Telugu News | Russia Ukraine war updates: Ukraine and Russia blame each other for Nova Kakhovka dam breach

Ukraine is heartbroken. The key Nova Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper was blown up. While Ukraine says that it is Russia’s fault, Moscow compares it to a terrorist attack. In this order, Zelensky held an emergency meeting.

Russia-Ukraine war updates: Everything Ukraine feared has happened. The Nova Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River was blown up early Tuesday morning. All the water in the dam is flowing down. Located 30 kilometers from Kherson in South Ukraine, this dam is strategically very important. For several months, there have been heavy attacks near this dam. The military command of Ukraine accused that it was the work of Russian forces. However, Russian officials have said that they have nothing to do with this attack and that it is a terrorist attack.

Locals revealed that there have been consecutive attacks on Nova Kakhovka Dam since midnight on Tuesday. Dam gate valves were damaged due to bomb attacks. The water leaked and the dam broke shortly after. The water flowed down like a flood. Officials advised to evacuate low-lying areas in Kherson. People were asked to leave the place with electronic items, urgent documents and essentials.

The villages of Mikholavika, Olhika, Livo, Tiangica, Poniativka, Ivanivka, Tokarivka adjacent to the banks of the Dnieper have been advised to evacuate immediately. The explosion of the Nova Kakhovka dam was described by Ukrainian authorities as environmental destruction. Ukrainian President Zelensky will hold an emergency meeting on the dam destruction. Members of National Security and Defense Council participated in it.

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Current difficulties in Ukraine will increase.

This dam is 30 meters high and a few hundred meters long. Built in 1956 as part of Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. This reservoir has a storage capacity of 18 cubic kilometers of water. In October last year, the forces of Ukraine recaptured this dam. Since then there were fears that the dam would be blown up. With the recent explosion of this dam, the power problems in Ukraine will increase.

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