Rishabh Pant: The disaster happened because of Gunta.. Rishabh Pant with Uttarakhand CM Dhami.. How is his health now..? | ‘Accident happened due to pothole’: Cricketer Rishabh Pant tells Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uttarakhand CM Pushkarsingh Dhami visited Team India cricketer Rishabh Pant who was seriously injured in a road accident.

Uttarakhand CM Pushkarsingh Dhami visited Team India cricketer Rishabh Pant who was seriously injured in a road accident. CM Pushkarsingh Dhami reached the Max Hospital in Dehradun and asked the doctors about Rishabh Pant’s health condition. After visiting Rishab Pant, CM Dhami spoke. India’s Batter Max, who suffered a fatal road accident on Friday, is being treated at the hospital. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami claimed that Pant informed him that the accident was caused by a pothole on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. Uttarakhand CM interacted with the media after the meeting with Pant. Responding to Pant’s health, Rishabh Pant is feeling pain in his body due to the injuries sustained in the accident. According to the doctors, the pain will subside in the next 24 hours.

CM Dhami stated that many people said that Pant had helped him after the accident. Dhami explained that according to the doctors of Max Hospital, his medical treatment will continue here. After the cricketer’s car accident, Uttarakhand CM Dhami has been talking to Pant’s family from time to time. A team has also been formed to inform the CM about Pant’s health. Earlier, Delhi & District Cricket Association Director Shyam Sharma went to meet Pant at Max Hospital. The Indian cricketer revealed that he was informed about the pothole that caused this terrible accident.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Pant survived the fatal road accident on Friday morning. Pant, who is being treated at the hospital due to severe injuries, has undergone various medical tests. The doctors later revealed that the brain, spine and MRI scanning reports were normal and there was no problem. Plastic surgery was performed for other injuries on the face and body. The ankle and knee were scanned on Saturday due to swelling and pain.

Doctors said that Pant’s health is stable at present. BCCI has been talking about Pant’s health from time to time. Pant’s family members and doctors are inquiring about the details over the phone. It is reported that BCCI is thinking of sending Rishabh Pant to Delhi or abroad for better treatment.

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