Rishabh Pant: I don’t remember Pant.. Whoever replaces him will help: Bus driver Sushil Kumar | Bus Driver who saved Rishabh Pant in accident shares interesting details and he will be honored by CM Pushkar Dhami Telugu Cricket News

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that bus driver Sushil Kumar and conductor Paranjeet will be honored under the auspices of the government on the occasion of Republic Day. A statement has been released to this effect.

Bus driver Sushil Kumar, who saved the life of Team India cricketer Rishabh Pant who was dying in a car accident last Friday, is being praised everywhere. Haryana State Transport Corporation has already honored him and conductor Paranjeet with Nazarana. Now Uttarakhand government will also honor them. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that Sushil Kumar and Paranjeet will be honored by the government on the occasion of Republic Day. Pant had left Delhi for Uttarakhand at 2 midnight to celebrate New Year with his mother and family members when he met with a fatal car accident. The car hit the divider hard and caught fire. But Pant immediately responded by breaking the windows of the car and got out. At the same time, the bus driver Sushil Kumar and the conductor Paranjeet, who came from the other side, immediately helped to take Pant who was lying on the road to the hospital.

He told me to call mom first..

While Sushil did not recognize Pant when he first reached the scene. Moreover, a person who has suffered such a terrible accident feels that it is difficult to live. Our bus left at 4.25 am that day. We reached Gurukul Narsan at 5.15. The road was not visible due to fog. At the same time, a car was seen coming at high speed from Delhi direction. Seeing the car, the driver seemed to have lost control. In moments, the car hit the divider and overturned. I was afraid for a minute that the car might hit our bus. Before we slowed down carefully and took a right turn. When the fire broke out in the car, I, the conductor and some other passengers ran to the car. We pulled the pant lying on the road and sat next to it. We informed the police immediately. Pant regained consciousness after a while and first asked to call his mother. Shortly after that, the police and ambulance reached the place and took him to the hospital. I have been working as a bus driver for the past nine years. I see many accidents on the national highway. Is there panth? Or is there someone else? I don’t see that. “My first duty is to save the man,” said the driver.

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