Rinku Singh: A match that will go down in history.. An innings that will be remembered as long as the IPL lasts 6,6,6,6,6: Rinku Singh Steals Victory From Jaws Of Defeat For KKR With 30 Runs in Last 5 Balls Watch

A match that will go down in history. An innings that will be remembered as long as the IPL lasts. Rinkoosingh was shocked. It was a massacre in a sense. At that time, Rinkoo Singh burst out like a mother. Sixers rang.

There are those who hit the last ball of the last over for a six and win. In rare cases, we have seen two sixes being broken. But this is the rarest of the rare. Rinkusingh gave a historic victory by hitting five consecutive sixes in the last over. In the match against Gujarat, Kolkata fell into misery. Everyone thought the match was over after Rashid Khan’s hat-trick. In time to score 29 runs in six balls, Umesh Yadav took a single off the first ball and gave it to Rinkusingh. However, everyone thought that the final thread would be played for the already finished match. But the match started there.

Bowler Yash Dayal’s troubles started there. Rinku hits the second ball towards deep cover for a six. He hit the third ball with the same passion and it went over the boundary. Gujarat hesitated on the fourth ball. But they thought it was our match to dot even one ball. But… Rinkoo hit a full toss ball over deep cover point for a six.. Happiness started in the Kolkata camp. Two more balls. Ten runs to hit. The Gujarat team is in a dilemma. This time Yash met Slobanti.. Rinku hit Badi Langan strongly with a six and Badi turned the entire match towards Kolkata.

In the last ball too, Rinku hit a six… and gave Kolkata a historic victory. Joy is an understatement in the Kolkata camp. Rinku’s heroic innings sent fans into a frenzy. Nabhuto Nabhavishyat. Hitting the last five balls of the last over in target chasing to win the match has never happened before.. I don’t know if it will happen again.

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