RGV New Video on Pawan Kalyan !! Pushing video goes viral

Rgv Counter

On one side, Sankranti celebrations are happening in Telugu two states.. On the other side, when the industry is happy with the hits of Chiru and Bayalya movies, director RGV has woken up once again. He did not wake up.. giving a counter to his Nagababu.. posted a video on Twitter. Nettinta is going viral once again with that video. S! Recently, Pawan’s brother Nagababu washed away RGV, who has been criticizing Pawan Kalyan, Janasena party, in a video. RGV recently posted a video on his Twitter as a counter to his words..comments. While saying that Nagababu is not important to him, he said that he was a fan of Pawan and tweeted against him on his party. If you don’t understand that.. he commented that it is his bad luck.. He also commented that Pawan Kalyan is also bad luck. Nettinta is now going viral with that comment.

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