Republic Day 2023: Republic Day celebrations at Raj Bhavan.. Governor Tamilisai unfurled the Tricolor flag.. (Live)

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Hoists National Flag At Raj Bhavan On Republic Day 2023 Live Video

Republic Day celebrations are going on at Raj Bhavan. Governor Tamilisai is unveiling the flag. The Governor, who paid his respects at the Stupa of Martyrs at the Parade Ground of Secunderabad, is hoisting the flag at the Raj Bhavan. The government has made arrangements for the parade in Raj Bhavan itself. Governor Tamilisai will go to Puducherry after saluting the flag at Raj Bhavan.

On the other hand, CM KCR will participate in the Republic Day celebrations at Pragati Bhavan. Muvvannela flag will be unveiled.

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